How to Print and Bind Your Own Ebooks

If you often use your computer to read downloaded books or online material, you might be wondering if there's a way you can print and bind your own ebooks. You can - and it doesn't require a lot of equipment.

All you need is a printer (inkjet preferably), paper, and the materials listed in the binding books post below.

First look at the type of book you're printing. Is it an instructional manual or reference book? Comb binding or a spiral binding might work best for easy page finding, if so. If it's a fiction book, having a regular paper binding which you glue to the back to make your own paperback book is a good choice.

You can get creative with your book covers, as well. For example, you can experiment with different fonts on Microsoft Word or Open Office. If you are printing a book you've written - even if it's just a collection of recipes - you can make it look a lot better by using an interesting font.

When deciding if you should make the book hardcover or paperback, think about the type of book, again. Fiction is usually best read in paperback, and if you intend to publish or sell the book, it's ideal. Hardcover books require cardboard, so you'll need some extra materials if you want to make your own hardback books.

Printing your own ebooks and binding them is a cinch these days. Save your eyes some strain and print your books for easy reference!


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