How to Bind Books at Home

If you have acquired many online texts, ebooks, or other such reading documents on your PC, chances are that you will want to print these off and bind them on your own. It is really not hard to bind books at home with the required materials: printer, scissors, knife, and glue.

To bind books, there are three simple steps. First is to assemble your pages neatly so that they line up together and stay stacked evenly. This is vital so that your binding will be straight and even.

Secondly, it is necessary to make the actual binding itself, then attach it to your pages. You use binding board for this, which can be as simple as some cardboard or thick paper if you wish. Type of board used to bind books is dependent on the ultimate outcome. For example, paperbacks will simply use thick paper for their bindings.

The third step is to measure these pages and bind them carefully by placing the pages on a flat surface, then using a strong object to hold them down. At that point, you will need to use your knife to cut the pages evenly. When the pages are measured and cut, they are easily ready to be attached to your binding.

The process that will best teach you how to bind books at home is simply practice. By doing it enough, you will quickly master the art of home bookbinding. Eventually you will be able to create more stylized bindings such as medieval and Japanese-style bindings for your books.


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